Why Dispel Photo?

Dispel is a word related to the magical imprint of the world. But not all magic is good to take.

Self-confidence comes through confidence in your own body.

According to an IT Cosmetics study, French women would give themselves a confidence score of 6.1/10 on average. Worse, it would seem that in another study by Gambettes Box, French women only give themselves barely 5/10 average in beauty, with 44% of “thighs not thin enough” and 40% of “cellulite problems“. The problem is also present for men, although to a lesser extent.

And whether we like it or not, this vision has an impact in everyday life and in professional life. The gaze of others depends a lot on your own gaze. This is how we have seen many women miss out on golden opportunities. It’s time to make society truly equal through education and what we might call “photo-therapy“.

At Dispel Photo, our goal is simple: to lift bad luck and restore self-confidence for our customers, so that they can move forward!

– Aurélien Mouliets, Photographer and manager at Dispel Photo