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An extraordinary experience

Delight, pleasure, fun… become (once more) the full of life person that you are!

A soft and personnalised approach

In a few words: respect, empathy, progression, laid back. In more words? Click the button below!

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Lasting memories

An unforgettable day and photos to cherish or share! You’re going to make them crazy about you!

Let’s make things better

Let’s dispel the curse of auto-censorship together. The raison d’être of Dispel Photo is the make you more confident every day. Working on something everyone fears (posing in front of a camera!), we prepare the basics to let you assert yourself.

Different boudoir styles

Choose one or more styles for your boudoir experience! The more styles, the more time your photographer will need to put lighting in place. For instance, while artistic nude allows a particular aesthetics, it requires complex lighting to reach the perfect setup. Couple boudoir takes also more time, as posing two people is usually a bit more complex.

In all your boudoir photography experiences, you will find:

  • Professional Make Up Artist

  • Pre-experience interview to make sure the session is a 100% adapted to you

  • Professional experience at your place, in a hotel or any other location of your choice

  • Dozens of selected photos to choose from during your review meeting

Available options:

  • Additional shooting time

  • HD/Social network-ready pictures

  • Video created from photos and/or the experience

  • Professional Hair Artist

  • Specific photo editing (body change, graphic style, etc.)

  • Use of models

Wardrobe, lingerie : A word of caution, we have at our disposal a very limited amount of props and clothing. We invite you to use or improve your wardrobe. This also enables strict hygienic rules while ensuring you wear what actually fits you. The icing on the cake is that if it is in your wardrobe, that’s because you like it!

Use of models: It is possible to ask for one or several models for your session(s). If you would like us to search and book models for you, Dispel Photo will charge for it.

Specific photo editing: by default, we do not modify our customers’ body shapes. We do not remove scars, tattoos or marks on the body. These marks tell a story. We understand these stories can be hurtful. Speak about your will to remove them during our interviews or during the experience itself: these marks will be removed at no cost (to our best skills). Any other edits not initially done by the photographer will be charged.