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Boudoir experience

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Your boudoir experience

Delight, fun, sensuality and positive reinforcement

Life isn’t easy. We discover it one day or another. But to live is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Boudoir photography at Dispel Photo is not only for the beautiful photo you will hang in your room or the small secret box you’ll open once in a while.

Boudoir photography is also a mean to find or reinforce your self-confidence. To grow from the inside, one must accept their own vulnerabilities. It is most of the time needing a lot of efforts. But we can destroy your self-doubting issues and make you gain self-confidence through a fun & unique experience, in a fully safe environment!

We have put in place a serene experience where you are at the core. Maybe you’ll want to step in and book because:

  • you’re going to get married and want to offer a unique gift to your future significant other;
  • your fight against cancer is finally finished and you don’t quite feel entirely like yourself;
  • you have made important sacrifices to win back a satisfying weight and silhouette;
  • you want to convince yourself you can seduce;
  • … or maybe something even more unique.

Even if doubts subsist, we invite you to contact us. We’ll discuss about your ambitions and fears, without judging.

Pre-shooting guide

When your session will be fully confirmed, we’ll send you a guide to make the experience easier and your day more successful. It will contain precious tips on several aspects of your day, like:

  • How to prepare for posing
  • Beauty Do’s and Don’ts before the experience
  • Where to go to improve your wardrobe
  • And much more!

This guide will be graciously offered for free and it is in no way mandatory to respect everything inside: those tips and tricks are only here to make you fully satisfied of your day.

Unique experience

Shooting at home? In a luxurious hotel booked by us? Elsewhere? Everything has been thought to make your day the most pleasing possible. We have designed a secured environment where you can express yourself freely. Unless agreed upon during the shooting, the photographer will never touch you: every pose will be demonstrated or explained. A professional Make Up Artist will also be present during the full session, to do your make up, but also to help you pose and check nothing is in the way of expressing yourself as you wish.

Photos of this beautiful being, you .

On top of the free print we’ll do during your shooting, we will propose you quality & eco-responsible supports, selected and tested by Aurélien Mouliets. Only a few select printers and suppliers have made it through. They have been chosen according to the quality, presentation and eco-responsibility they provide, at the best possible pricing.

The rest of the story… will be yours to write! Don’t forget to keep in touch about how you evolve through life: it really means something for us to see you grow and become even more beautiful!

A divine experience


Rediscover yourself under a new light. Whether you do it to have fun or offer the resulting photos to someone else, enjoy a truly magical moment, made just for you.