More than just a photographer

A story of pledges

Beyond photography

Take action for our world

Dispel Photo has been founded on a strong idea: people matter, memories too!

That’s why Dispel Photo engages itself into 3 clear pledges, revolving around the 3P: People, Planet, Protection.

Without our planet, no more human beings. Without human beings, no more memories to share.

Who has never lacked confidence? We have all failed at some point, whether on purpose or not. And some live it rather well, others terribly badly.

Although we do our best to help you have a good time, we know that posing in front of the camera is a difficult ordeal. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this experience will be able to transform you from the inside and give you back some pep, if you lacked it.

You are beautiful and unique, you will see it through your photos.

Dispel Photo does not tolerate tolerance. We all have our own ways of seeing the world around us. Whether through our religions, our education, our culture, our romantic or artistic affinities, we experience the world around us. Sometimes we suffer it, sometimes we thank it. Let’s open our mind and respect towards others, and accept it.

Dispel Photo accepts people:

  • of any color,
  • of any culture,
  • of any religion,
  • of any genre,
  • of any sexuality (assumed or not).

There is only one thing asked in return: mutual respect.

We all live on planet Earth. In recent decades, we have changed the ecosystem forever. But we can think of future generations by starting again on better bases, both on the ecological and human levels.

Dispel Photo is committed to reducing its ecological footprint as much as possible through various actions. It starts in particular with this website, hosted by a provider whose more than half of its data centers are powered by hydroelectricity and which encourages carpooling and cycling. Our printers also use eco-friendly materials to print your memories.