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Unveiling the Essence: Introducing Our Boudoir Photography Packages

Greetings, beautiful souls!At Dispel Photo, we believe every woman deserves to embrace her authentic radiance and experience a boudoir photoshoot that not only captures but celebrates her true essence. We are thrilled to introduce our [...]

25 November 2023|Informations|

It’s time for self-love!

Being a photographer means more than capturing a photo with a smartphone you’ll most likely forget tomorrow. Being a photographer means telling a story, taking care of composition, shadows, lights and colours that tell your story.

It’s dispelling the curse that makes you uneasy in front of a camera, in the hope that you will reuse this confidence boost in other situations. If you are looking for a photographer that will listen to you and if you like my photos, then do contact me. Let’s build together your project.

I am extremely selective on the amount of customers I accept: at best 2 per week. I chose to work this way so that I can give my undivided attention, my full creativity and energy to the customers I’m lucky to work with.

- Dispel Photo

About Dispel Photo by Aurélien Mouliets

Hi and thank you for taking the time to review my work. I hope you will appreciate what I do. I always loved working with people.

The reason why I call myself a photographer or visual storyteller is because I love hearing new stories. I’m also convinced that a story can be told in a single photo. I worked for a long time as a Community Manager, where human relationships are at the heart of the necessary soft skills. We all have a story and I want to tell these unique stories through a photo (or a series).

I want to help introverted people and those who just want to leave difficult times they go through. I intend to do it through making you see yourself under a brand new light. As a latter of fact, there is a staggering majority of people that do not reach their life goals because of fears. Usually those fears are just a mental block.

That is why I’m specialising in portrait photography (including fine art photography) and boudoir photography (including wedding boudoir). I also consider corporate and commercial missions, like creating corporate portraits for an employee directory.

I want to create stunning pictures that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. My father has been into photography since he was in his teens. From the earliest parts of my life, I begun to develop a liking for visual stories. At first, I had a more technical side I catered to. That’s why I developed several websites, winning 2 national prizes in a row in the academics category for the high school I went to. After studying graphic design in Paris, I kept into communications through studying corporate communications & marketing. I spent several years helping my customers developing business acumen and projects including branding and marketing strategy. I had the opportunity to shoot regularly to put at their best people and products alike.

The company for which I used to work regularly asked me for interview & product photos and videos. I finally decided to create my own company as a photographer. This ensures I have all the necessary time to give the very best experience. I believe it is really important to take the time to bond with you before, during and after the photoshoot. It allows me to know you better and give you a unique and custom experience. After all, if my photos and the time spent together give you a smile, then I did my job.