Company profile: your employees, fast.

Improve or bin your Excel sheets. Give your employees back their personality through creating corporate portraits for everyone within your company.

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Quick turnaround: up to 25 employees per half day. It’s one happy employee every 5 minutes!

1 Company Profile Package

Do your employees keep faithful to your company? Book one session and have 25 employees photo shot in half a day.

Annual / semi-annual renewal

Do you recruit on a regular basis? Enjoy a 30%+ discount on all annual or semi-annual renewal.

I make my employees happy

I make my employees happy

01. Highlight

Through giving your employees the opportunity to be photographed, you give them the opportunity to be put under the spotlight for their colleagues and customers.

02. Interpersonal Communication

Just forget about the smartphone-shot photo in the corridor or at the bar! No more jokes during the break: ensure homogeneity and professionalism for each of your employees. They will be proud to work with you.

03. Find, fast

Give yourself the ability to find someone within your company faster through looking into a company profile.

Take action, now!

All of your company within your reach, thanks to a professional company profile.

Photos are available with a right to use on any support for your company* and social networks of your employees for 10 years.

* you must ensure your employees give you authorisation to use their image rights beforehand.